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Why use CDRSL
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We know that when a client chooses to use a consultant what really matters are the benefits that the client can achieve, matching their requirements with value for money.

CDRSL believes the current market place offers a limited choice for commercial and contract management services where the client frequently ends up paying significant fees for sub standard service.

Clients frequently turn to large commercial practices or straight to legal representation where the costs of large offices, support staff, non fee earning directors and training are all passed on to the client in the form of their fee scales.

Whilst paying such fees the client may not be getting the best value for their money.

Legal representation tends not to be commercially minded and focuses on the strict application of the terms and conditions of the contract rather than the contract schedules which describe the scope and services to be provided and ancillary requirements which is where in our experience the majority of day to day issues tend to arise. Not only does this generally prove to be expensive but the opportunity to strike cost effective solutions can be lost in the strict legal argument.

Our unique selling point is the experience, quality and commitment of our staff in comparison to the cost of our services. Our expertise gained through working with a variety of clients on a wide range of projects and contracts enables us to provide services which will add value to our clients at extremely competitive rates.

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